Damage Control | Ram & Poppy

[Ram walked towards Poppy’s dorm, choosing to walk through the front doors instead of trying the window. He had the feeling if her tried he would end up slipping and he knew he could probably get away with talking in even if someone stopped him to talk. He knocked on her door lightly, rocking back on his heels as he waited] Knock, knock. [He said leaning his head against the door] We don’t have all night here, Pops.

#Dude I couldn't think of a title #Poppy M. #Damage Control
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    Well maybe when you’re off banging every hot cougar in Hollywood you could call her up. She’s into jocks right? [She...
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    Psh, yes.I mean I love boobs but her ass is just like awesome. [rolls his eyes] I was just going to say I’ve never seen...